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Creators of The Horror Meet-Up Group Bring 'Such Sights to Show You: How Women in Horror Make Movies at Any Budget' at Wondercon 2024

Anastasia Washington and Shannon Brown creators of the Horror Meet-up Group bring you Such Sights to Show at Wondercon. Such Sights to Show you is a Wondercon Panel that discusses How to make horror films at any budget with some of the Female powerhouses of indie and mainstream horror. Presented by Anastasia Washington and Shannon Brown who founded The Horror Group now in its 2nd year, a horror meetup that brings together community and support for those in the Horror Industry. Now expanding the community and the support by putting on panel educating anyone at any stage of their career to make that film!

Moderated by

Anastasia Washington (Addams Family Movies, Cereal Killer) and

Shannon Brown ( Overnights, Demon Juice)

Panelists Include:

Alison Star Locke - The Apology

Brea Grant - Torn Hearts, Lucky

Camille Corbett - The Island

Chelsea Stardust - Into the Dark: All that we destroy, Satanic Panic

Maggie Levin - Into the dark: My Valentine, V/H/S/99

Virginia Powers Hendry - Deadhead, Elixir


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