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'Stranger Things' Happening at the Empire State Building

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Netflix celebrated the highly anticipated debut of STRANGER THINGS 4 with a global, first-of-its-kind visual spectacle in 15 iconic locations across 14 countries around the world. The massive fan moment kicked off in New York City on Thursday morning when STRANGER THINGS 4 stars Gaten Matarazzo, Noah Schnapp, Priah Ferguson, and Cara Buono participated in an official lighting ceremony at the Empire State building.

Photo Credit: Empire State Realty Trust

The evening brought a first-of-its-kind light show to NYC when a crack appeared on the southern facade of the Empire State Building as a massive rift opened, transporting onlookers into the Upside Down through an incredible visual spectacle, including iconic show moments and new season 4 storylines. The 15-minute show looped for approximately two hours and amassed a crowd of over 5,000 fans at the STRANGER THINGS fan event in Flatiron Plaza below.

Photo Credit: Empire State Realty Trust


It’s been six months since the Battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. Struggling with the aftermath, our group of friends are separated for the first time – and navigating the complexities of high school hasn't made things any easier. In this most vulnerable time, a new and horrifying supernatural threat surfaces, presenting a gruesome mystery that, if solved, might finally put an end to the horrors of the Upside Down.

Release Dates: May 27 (Volume One: 401-407) and July 1 (Volume Two: 408-409)


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