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SHIVERS Unleashed: Cronenberg's Cult Classic Hits Steelbook!

Send shivers down your spine with a cult classic when SHIVERS becomes available on Steelbook® on March 5 from the Vestron line distributed by Lionsgate. Follow the residents living in a parasite infested suburban apartment building and turned into mindless, sex-crazed lunatics. SHIVERS will only be available at Walmart on Steelbook® for the suggested retail price of $22.99.

A cult favorite, SHIVERS is acclaimed filmmaker David Cronenberg's (The Fly, Naked Lunch) controversial feature-length debut. When the residents of a luxury apartment complex outside Montreal are infiltrated by parasites and transformed into violent, sex-crazed maniacs, it's up to Dr. Roger St. Luc to contain the outbreak from spreading to the city at large in a film that "scares and shocks us because it's so cleverly made" (Roger Ebert).


  • Audio Commentary with Writer-Director David Cronenberg

  • Audio Commentary with Co-Producer Don Carmody

  • "Mind Over Matter" - An interview with Writer-Director David Cronenberg

  • "Good Night Nurse" - An interview with Actress Lynn Lowry

  • "Outside and Within" - An interview with Special Make-Up Effects Creator Joe Blasco

  • "Celebrating Cinépix” - An interview with Greg Dunning + Archival 1998 David Cronenberg Interview

  • Still Gallery with Optional Archival Audio Interview with Executive Producer John Dunning

  • Theatrical Trailers

  • TV Spots

  • Radio Spots

SHIVERS is directed by David Cronenberg and features Paul Hampton (TV's "Babylon 5," Road to Nhill, TV's "Halifax f.p.") Joe Silver (Rabid, Deathtrap, Creepshow 2), Lynn Lowry (Fang, The Crazies, Model Hunger) and Barbara Steele (Black Sunday, Pretty Baby, 8-1/2).


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