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Secret Bar Experience from Epic Entertainment & Hush Haunted Attractions

By Jaimz Dillman

Haunt lovers from all over have probably experienced the work of duo Steve Sheldon and Charity Hill from Epic Entertainment Group. After all, they're award-winners at the Haunted Attraction convention in New Orleans. The production team from long-standing, and well-respected, Michigan-based Hush Haunted Attraction were also winners at the same convention. And it was from there a collaboration was born. "We really enjoy the design aspect at Hush and the way they tell a story rooted in historical elements like we do. It was an instant match for us to pair up and work together." said Hill of their new joint venture- Secret Bar experience.

Managing Partners and Co-Founders of Epic Entertainment Group STEVE SHELDON & CHARITY HILL (Background image courtesy of Epic Entertainment Group)

Located within Hush's 3 haunted attractions, attendees will have access to 3 different themed bars as they make their way through the premier haunted house event. Sheldon said, "We think Hush is a very talented team with their aesthetics and design. They're really on their own level. And we wanted to give guests immersive experiences that allow them to really dive in." The seasonal offering exits guests through Legendary Axe Throwing which is open year-round giving Hush the opportunity to build and prepare to make things top-notch.

Tickets to the attraction don't include the bar experiences, but you can upgrade to a VIP Bar Creep Pass for $10. This includes a keepsake lanyard, and a photo op, and gives you access to the first VIP lounge.

VooDoo Blues feature offerings for purchase such as Madame Lalaurie's beignets and hurricane shots served in a syringe. It asks the question: will you take the red pill or the blue pill? Intrigued? I'll go on, or rather, for you to go on you'll have to use keys and clues to gain entry into either of the other two hidden spots.

Expedition Base Camp's bartender Johnny Plunder tempts you with Blood Sacrifice or Angry Johnson cocktails in the newly unearthed Anglor temple.

Von Rose Distillery is brewing their own spirits, and maybe housing vampires. Beverages here include a Corpse Survivor drink rimmed with electric dust to give your lips just a little tingle for the evening.

Even those who don't upgrade for the full VIP access will have a shot at entry to one of the bars with secret tokens doled out in various ways during their visit.

"Immersive to me means I've engaged every sense." says Hill. "We love to tell a story, and Halloween isn't celebrated in every culture, but more and more they're starting to and we love sharing that experience."

Epic has produced haunts and other events for over a decade, including Dark Horizons here in Orlando, before COVID. Hill said, "The pandemic showed us the fallout of not having a community." Haunts tend to be Sheldon and Hill's favorite and they say they're blessed to be at the forefront so long people come to them for partnerships. "If we're synergistic to work together we'll do that."

Next up is a darker offering from the regular family-friendly fare at Hershey Park. Sheldon says they're partnering with the park offering consulting and will handle technical elements and stage managing.

Looking ahead, Hill said, "We really enjoy what we do. Our ultimate goal is to love what we do and take that to a global experience."

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