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'Guillermo del Toro & Scott Cooper on Antlers and Filmmaking' Recap | Comic-Con@Home 2020

By Gretchen Von Cloedt

Acclaimed director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart, Hostiles) and legendary horror director Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water, Pan's Labyrinth) give us a little sneak peek at their newest horror masterpiece. Antlers embody the spirit of the Wendigo. In this anticipated release, Cooper weaves a tale surrounding the Native American legend of the Wendigo and a modern-day family.  We are treated with classic Guillermo del Toro vibes. The cinematography looks incredible; lots of beautiful forest scenes and a phenomenal creature to frighten and delight. Del Toro closely monitored the creation of the Wendigo creature, insisting they stay true to the traditional elements of the beast.

We were given a short feature of Antlers. I was really interested to see Native American consultants that were brought in to oversee the filming to ensure proper respect to the honored legend. They ensured reverence was given to the Native American culture while honoring and entertaining simultaneously. 

Guillermo del Toro and Scott Cooper then discussed favorite films and directors, both listing the Coens and inspirational directors. They also discussed film making technicalities such as the benefits of using single cameras versus multiple cameras. Del Toro discussed the challenge of having children and monsters together. Cooper used his own experiences with his children to relate to his child actors to achieve his results.  Scott Cooper went through extensive casting to find the right fit for Antlers. He then discussed the importance of developing a visual style and creating an atmosphere to envelop the characters. Without giving away spoilers, Scott Cooper discusses the parallels of his characters dealing with their own emotional struggles, and how they relate to the Wendigo, and the circle of cause and effect. 

Del Toro and Cooper went on to discuss their quarantine activities which of course, include many hours of movie watching. Del Toro stated he watches three movies daily at a minimum, which is a testament to his dedication to the art of film making. Guillermo said he could not wait to return to Disneyland and invited Scott Cooper to come with him. Steve Weintraub jumped at the chance to ask Guillermo del Toro what his favorite ride at Disneyland was, I am pleased to report it is The Haunted Mansion. 

We were then presented with the film's official trailer. Filled with spooky vibes and incredible visuals, This film looks incredible. Del Toro fans will really love his classic style. Cooper's blood sweat and tears are evident in the trailer. This makes me very excited to see this film. Once released, the duo is sure to have made a remarkable movie within what appears to be gorgeous sets and locations. Casting looks fantastic with America's sweetheart Kari Russell (Felicity, August Rush)  Jesse Plemons (Breaking Bad, Friday Night Lights), and young Jeremy T Thomas (Lore, the Righteous Gemstones).


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