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Review: Orlando's The Haunted Road: Kid's Edition

By Jaimz Dillman

Halloween is not cancelled folks, just rearranged a little. An attraction called The Haunted Road may not seem like a family-friendly offering but the daytime version is just what parents of little ones are looking for.

While the sets don't have a lot of bells and whistles- we're not dealing with theme park budgets here- the actors, directed by Jodi Chase, give the fairytale storyline their all.

Everything is kept socially distanced as tickets must be purchased online ahead to assign your arrival time. Check-in with a masked staff member includes signing a waiver (mainly because you're on private property) and you're directed to tune in to a radio station for the story to begin. 

Twisting turns and orange shirt clad staff direct you to the first stop. They seem to be high school volunteers as most were on their phones, eating pizza, or chatting to each other when we approached but they were nice enough waving as we passed by.

The show unfolds in chapters with the usual characters like princes, villains, fairies, and of course, a happy ending. Each trip to the next scene needs a change in radio station so it's best to have your passenger assist while you navigate the course.

Perhaps the best part is the several times treat fairies arrive after you're instructed to say the "magic" words- trick or treat! Baskets on extended poles of candy and small toys are cheerfully delivered through your window. A strong suggestion to bring a bag, bucket, or plastic pumpkin will keep you from scrambling to pick up everything from the crevices of your car. There are some additional items to buy on the way out and you can shop through your mobile device to order.

Scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays through the month of October only, purchase tickets online here-

This is per person with adults at $20 at kids 3-17 at $15. The duration of the drive is 30-40 minutes and kids are encouraged to wear a costume but all must wear a mask.

With so many actors and entertainers in the area being laid off and still out of work, this not-too-scary adventure is a much welcome outlet for creatives and something for families to fill that trick or treating void.


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