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Event Review: Spooky Swap Meet in Los Angeles

By: Kayla Caldwell

What will one find at a Spooky Swap Meet? First and foremost - a whole lot of goths. Let me just tell you, after over a year of being locked up in quarantine, nothing warmed my heart more than being surrounded by people wearing orange and black.

Trick 'r Treat display by Murder House Productions
Trick 'r Treat display by Murder House Productions

The Spooky Swap Meet took place at the Heritage Square Museum, which means the vibe was on point. When you walked in you were greeted by the now-iconic 12ft skeleton, just in case you weren’t sure you were in the right place. Now the fun really begins. Not only could you walk around browsing all of the spooky, witchy, Halloween-themed shops of your dreams, but you could also check out a bunch of creepy fun photo ops, like Murder House Productions’ Trick ‘r Treat display.

After buying a literal crystal ball, a witchy photo from the year my sister was born (1993), two T-shirts, and a very expensive but very worth it purse, I realized my kink is supporting small and local businesses while my bank account weeps. Oh, I also bought a Scream mask bath bomb, that I fear I may never use because it is too special. There were also plenty of fun photo ops courtesy of the lovely Mystic Museum.

As if that weren’t good enough, there was also trick or treating (yes, you got candy), and refreshment options, like Rad Coffee. It was a great first step back toward “normal,” life, not that I even know what “normal” means anymore. Everyone wore masks and people were conscientious of space between each other.

You better believe I took advantage of every photo op, and every opportunity for a free piece of candy. The halfway to Halloween timing was perfect because it actually reassured me that I will be able to do some great, creepy things during my favorite season this year. Grab your black lipstick, Strange Cvlt shoes, and your favorite Foxblood dress (or pants!) because, my goth friends, things are finally starting to look up.

Check out @spookyswapmeet on Instagram for any details about future spooky fun events!


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