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Event Review: Rad Coffee's 'Horrorcade'

By: Josh Taylor

Showing up in Covina at 6pm, you don’t expect it to be a time of day where a coffee shop has people wrapped around the building waiting to get in, but that was the case at Rad Coffee this past Saturday, November 20th, for the opening of HORRORCADE, their new pop up horror-themed pinball arcade.

Rad Coffee in Covina (their second location) celebrates its one year anniversary with the opening of this new pop up experience. HORRORCADE is a mix of both

old and new pinball machines, some dating back to the 1980s with Nightmare on Elm Street, all the way up to a new machine based around Stranger Things. I personally took to a machine featuring The Creature from the Black Lagoon, but that’s simply my own personal bias. The checkerboard floor, the new wave music, and the punk rock band posters on the walls also made me feel like I was being transported back in time to an arcade experience like you’d find at your local mall or diner.

Rad Coffee also recently launched their holiday seasonal drinks too. Grabbing a Cinnamon Roll Latte or a Salted Chocolate Cold Brew adds to the festivities. For those not necessarily into a hot coffee drink, they also have a signature lemonade and a butterscotch marshmallow blended drink. Also, for those wondering, each of the pinball machines has a cup holder so you don’t have to hold your coffee while also trying to play the machine.

The shop also has a ton of merchandise, including HORRORCADE shirts and coffee mugs. If you need a bag of beans for home, they’ve got you there, or you can pick up some novelty items, like horror-themed socks. Spooky season lives on at Rad Coffee!

If you are looking for something fun to do with family or friends this holiday season, Rad Coffee is a great place to be. Bring a few dollars worth of quarters (or some one dollar bills for the change machine) and try to rack up a high score on one of over a dozen pinball machines while they are available.

Rad Coffee and HORRORCADE are open from 6am to midnight every day. Be sure to pop in before this pop up goes away. For more information about the shop, visit Rad Coffee on social media.


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