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Quibi and Blumhouse Developing Murder Mystery ‘Nine Bodies in a Mexican Morgue*’

This week Quibi announced NINE BODIES IN A MEXICAN MORGUE* (working title), a new scripted series produced by Blumhouse Television. Anthony Horowitz ('Midsomer Murders', 'Foyle’s War'), the best-selling author of the 'Alex Rider' teen spy series and well-known writer for British film and television, serves as series Creator/Showrunner and Executive Producer. 

When a small plane crashes into the Mexican jungle, nine complete strangers find themselves lost and alone in 500 square miles of rainforest. One by one, they’re targeted and they know that the murderer has to be among them. But who is it? And why do they have to die?

Jason Blum, Jeremy Gold and Marci Wiseman will executive produce from Blumhouse Television. 

NINE BODIES IN A MEXICAN MORGUE* is the third series produced by Blumhouse Television for Quibi. The independent TV studio is in development on drama series 'Wolves and Villagers' and will premiere alternative series 'Ten Weeks' later this year.

Quibi is now available. Enjoy 14 days free. Sign up at for this offer. Free trial not available in Quebec.


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