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Seed And Spark For 'Proof,' From 'What We Do In The Shadows' Star Jonny Brugh

By: Jaimz Dillman

When a fan favorite from What We Do In The Shadows made an appearance at a horror convention, Spencer Shipton struck up the connection of a lifetime.

"We met Jonny [Brugh] at Spooky back in 2019, and that led to us collaborating on a project. I was a bit starstruck at first, but found him to be very down to earth. We grabbed dinner after the show on Sunday, and the rest is history!"

That project is Brugh's film, called PROOF. Written and produced by Brugh's company, Heimlich Maneuver, he teamed up in co-production with Shipton's wife, Koura Linda, and their company, Space Dream, LLC. The project is crowdfunding on a Seed and Spark campaign - which is a platform that (unlike Kickstarter and Indiegogo) is focused on filmmakers of diverse backgrounds, especially female producers, writers, directors, etc. There are different levels of incentives for amounts donated, such as autographed scripts or pictures, all the way up to an associate producer title.

Shipton describes the film as "a found-footage psychological thriller about a man who follows a woman with a VHS camcorder, hoping to capture proof of an afterlife. But it's also got an optimistic funny twist to it a la Shadows." The film's site explains, "Set and filming on location in New Zealand, this story is a test of humanity, a searchlight on morality, mortality, and the great beyond." Getting eyes on the film and interest in support is important as the campaign only runs 30 days on Seed and Spark, so Shipton says, "We're trying to spread the word!"

Follow, share posts, and donate at and learn more about PROOF here.


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