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Pattycake Production's Original 'Cruella' Tribute 'Born Bad' Music Video

By Jaimz Dillman

The duo of Tony Wakim and Layne Stein- otherwise known as Pattycake Productions- are back with the launch of their newest villain original video creation, BORN BAD.

Paying tribute to Cruella DeVille just in time for Disney's new prequel movie, Wakim said " We weren't sure how the movie was going to perform so we weren't planning on doing anything with the I.P. Then the movie had a $47 million opening weekend. We got to work that same weekend and wrote the song in about 2 days."

Image courtesy of Pattycake Productions

With the film relying heavily on the outlandish fashion creations of young designer Ella, that element definitely had to be included in the shoot. "All the costumes had to be created from scratch in less than a week." Wakim is the force behind the reason Pattycake is well known for bringing these beloved characters to life so accurately as his attention to detail in the recreations is fierce.

Image courtesy of Pattycake Productions

The original song plays on the transformation Ella has into Cruella shown in the film with upbeat rock tempos and lyrics. Wakim said, "We loved the movie and thought it was such a fun way to explore the origins of one of our favorite villains. We loved the aesthetic of the movie and immediately wanted to write a new piece of music for it."

Check the rest of Pattycake's creations on their YouTube channel.

You can also support the artists and get sneak peeks and first glimpses of new work by subscribing to their Patreon.

Image courtesy of Pattycake Productions


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