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Orange County Boo HaHa - A Haunted Oktobeerfest

Michelle M, Michelle O, James & Kayla are getting their Boo Ha Ha on!

By Michelle O’Brian

It only took a few nouns and verbs from James Carter II and I was all in. 



Depeche Mode tribute band. 

Oingo Boingo tribute band.

Creepy Kingdom arrived at the OC BooHaHa on Friday, October 25th 2019 and were immersed into a 21-and over crowd with the majority dressed in elaborate costumes. There was to be a serious costume contest and I saw so many winners as we walked through the OC Fair Event Center. My head in particular was swinging back and forth to get my bearings because if it were up to me, I would have hopped skipped and jumped my way through the ever, snapping photos and taking videos. Oh my Goth, did you see the impressive Freddy Mercury costume that guy was wearing? However, it was imperative, we get our sampler stein and begin our unlimited beer tasting extravaganza. The beer was cut off at 9pm so, we had to get to work. 

The Boo Ha Ha offered samples of traditional Oktoberfest lagers as well as beers from multiple West Coast Breweries. My taste buds were dancing as I stopped at each sample booth throughout the Hall which was also lined with diverse vendors. They had it all from Apothocary supplies, socks to timeshare previews in Tahoe!

The whole place was decked out with spider webs, purple and orange lights and elaborate photo ops. Creepy Kingdom had a blast posing and modeling at each and every one.   Inside the concert hall guests were offered games to play such as oversized Connect 4 and cornhole. I covered myself with “Hello, My Name Is..” stickers because they had options to change my name from Michelle Halloween to Mighty Oyster and Night Lair. One was my Vampire Name. The other was my beer name. I don’t recall which was what but, I loved it! There were tombstones with laugh-out-loud epitaphs and more spider webs and hay! I’m still so excited!

Devotional take the stage.

As with any good event, the OC Boo HaHa treated our eardrums to some fantastic music. Outside the DJ almost had James and I moshing to thrasher metal. But, we decided to save our energy for  the pretty famous Depeche Mode and Oingo Boingo tribute bands. Devotional and Dead Man’s Party.  I have been dying to see each of these bands so yes, my feet were moving and hips were swaying and my especially terrible singing voice was turned all the way up as each group serenaded us with our favorite songs from “Question of Time” to “No One Lives Forever”.

Dead Man's Party

The OC Brew HaHa is truly a Halloween Party and it kicked off our weekend with perfect amount of beer tastings, German sausages and spooky party atmosphere. Its best described as Halloween themed Oktoberfest. I know I can speak for the rest of the Creepy Kingdom team and say we cannot wait until the next OC Brew Haha event!

Michelle O & James rockin' out to some Heavy Metal!


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