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By Roxy Tart

Disney Pixar’s ONWARD is absolutely in my top five favorite Pixar movies of all time. Maybe top three… No, definitely top three. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I’m pretty sure ONWARD is my new favorite Pixar movie ever!

And now… I’m going to tell you why.

1. Chris Pratt and Tom Holland

As a total Marvel fangirl, hearing these two would be voicing the leads already left me a little tingly. However, their portrayal of Barley (Chris Pratt) and Ian (Tom Holland) were phenomenal! That they were two animated fantasy creatures didn’t change the fact that they were so lifelike, and it’s easy to picture both actors playing these characters in a live-action version, and being 100 percent believable.

(Image Courtesy of Disney)

Since we’re on the subject, the rest of the cast was amazing as well! Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Laurel) and Octavia Spencer (Manticore) especially stood out. And the smaller cameos by Tracey Ullman (Grecklin) and Ali Wong (Officer Gore) were a welcome addition.

2. The Nerd Factor

Y’all… I’m a nerd. I love comics, fantasy books and movies, and D&D. And when I was done watching this movie, I felt like it was made for me! Magic and technology mixing, fantasy creatures living normal lives, the Quests of Yore game, unicorns acting like raccoons, a giant gelatinous cube -- It was like a love letter to anyone who loves fantasy. This is the world I want to live in! Combine that with the realization that these things will be introduced to a whole new generation, thanks to this mainstream Pixar movie…*passes out from excitement*

3. The Surprise Feels

We all know by now that most Pixar movies are going to get us in our feelings, but I wasn’t ready for this one to hit so hard and so often. Before the movie, Dan Scanlon (writer and director) got up and said a few words about his inspiration for the film. It’s possible that learning that he lost his dad at a young age, and that many of the things in the film are based off of his and his brother’s real-life experiences had a hand in my tear-filled eyes. However, the truth is that this movie just knows how to yank at your heartstrings. Luckily, those moments are closely followed by something hilarious, so you’re not watching the movie through a tissue. Look, we’ve all seen Up. Going through that kind of emotional rollercoaster again would just be too much.

ONWARD hits theaters March 6th, and trust me, this is not a movie you want to skip. Take your kids, your best friend, your dog… Or better yet, take your dad, or your brother, because if you don’t, I guarantee you’ll be calling them as soon as you walk out of the theater.

(Image Courtesy of Disney)


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