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Sink into the Shadows of Nosferatu: A Seductive Theatrical Delight in Orlando

Photo courtesy of Ashleigh Ann Gardner

By Jaimz Dillman

There’s just something so right when the goths gather in the fall months and celebrate all things dark, sexy, and deadly.

Renaissance Theatre Company has opened their 3rd installment of Nosferatu and 2 packed houses last night showed the masses were ready for it.

Themed drink specials are available as soon as you enter and we enjoyed our Poison Apple and Blood Sucker. Open seating creates a theater-in-the-round style as well as an upstairs loft level for aerial viewing for the opening chapter.

Photos courtesy of Jaimz Dillman

Blake Auburn returns as the event’s sort of vamp narrator leading the “storyteller”- and mortal- Adonis Perez-Escobar through the events of the evening. We are welcomed into a dining room set with one plate making you wonder what, or who, is on the menu. Auburn guides us through legends and lore of how vampires actually came to be, and a mass of sexy dancers descend to play out each vignette’s scenario.

Having been to the previous 2 versions, I knew this was a moving feast, but my companion didn’t, so when we were guided to the next room, there was a little confusion. Which added to the experience. You’re enticed, titillated, confused, and turned on through the entire 90- minutes of pounding original music and deftly moving half-naked succubus.

The leaders of the council break out to select their chosen audience members through different rooms, hallways, closets, upstairs and downstairs. Vlad the impaler took my hand and we were off! Yes, you will get separated from your group. You can definitely meet up at the end but this again lends to the mystery of it all.

Staying as close to the walls in each room as you can, the action is all around you. Dancers fling themselves in every direction, some seemingly supernatural, and clothes come off. If you’re at all prudish with very adult material, this isn’t for you. Yes, they earned the 18+ rating.

Photos courtesy of Mike Dunn

You can stay in one room and see different scenes come and go or you can choose your own adventure. The climactic ending was just gorgeous movement and heightened drama garnering loud screams and applause. Yeppppp- they’ve definitely got something here.

The theater has just celebrated its 2nd anniversary so having a show like Nosferatu doing so well from the start, owner Donald Rupe has dialed into what the Orlando theater scene has been lacking- and lusting for.

There’s no way to see it all and the Ren was very smart in creating different levels of season passes for people who want to return for more. New this year is also VBar, an extension of the evening to continue the party with even more of…. More. A separate admission is required but I don’t see it being a problem for the crowds I saw leaving and a new audience waiting to get their lust for blood satiated.

Now, I have to go gather all of my sheer black clothes, boots, eyeliner, and sparkly jewelry cause I know I’ll be visiting Nosferatu soon. And often.

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