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'Nightmare' Halloween Boutique Now Open at Roger's Gardens in SoCal

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

Roger’s Gardens is a Southern California shopping destination for creatively curated Halloween décor and one-of-a-kind Halloween artisan pieces designed as an unforgettable retail experience.

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

Planning for the boutique begins over a year in advance with the concept, which is defined by Creative Director, Eric Cortina. In January, the buyers start to work with collectible artisans to develop custom items for the boutique and build an assortment around the theme. Over 300 product styles and 15 collectible artisan pieces are selected. There is a wide assortment of décor with styles ranging from vintage to elegant, plus interactive, dynamic items.

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

In May, Eric starts to bring his vision alive by leading the Visual Merchandising team to create various props and displays that reflect the annually selected theme. Two weeks before opening day, a team of seven start to build out the space.

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

For over 30 years, Roger’s Gardens has been creating this amazing experience for all to enjoy and shop. It is a must-see event during the fall.

Come with us to experience and see, this our dreamland of Halloween.

Meander through our maze of fun and immerse yourself in what’s to come.

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

Discover creepy, crawling, bone-chilling ghouls

all hailing the Pumpkin King in this formal room.

Mischievous faces welcome you inside

but keep your eyes open for tricks they might hide.

Life is no fun without a good fright, but onwards you go towards the light. True love and devotion are plain to see, that this was simply meant to be. What’s this? What’s this? Explore our eerie land.

Even if it frightens you, we’ll hold your hand.


Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

Bone Chilling Nightmare

Drift into this unstable, surreal dream space. Thunder cracks and the clouds part to reveal a bone-chilling face. Emerging from the shadows is a medley of elegant décor. The nightmare begins here. Get out–there is more to explore.

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

Creepy Crawly Nightmare

Beware! Gossamer strands hide a chilling cave of remains, the memory of which will leave you unsettled. Poisonous spiders hide bones in this webbed abyss. The chill down your spine can’t be dismissed.

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

Neon Nightmare

Bright colors collide in a symphony of neon. Miscellany and curios fill this emporium, where you can seek out an assortment of rare treasures. A space where nothing is done in half measures.

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens

Vintage Nightmare

Old haunts never leave you alone, so don’t get comfortable on the Pumpkin King’s throne. Benign faces smile welcoming you inside but beware of the deception and tricks they hide.

Image Courtesy of Roger's Gardens


• Eric Cortina • Creative Director

• Hedda Staines • Head Merchant

• Crystal Pittman • Associate Buyer

Visual Merchandisers & Prop Designers:

• Emily Morgan

• Catherine Smith

• Crystal Pittman

• Morgan Palla

• James Maxwell

• Irineo Garcia

• Ray Correia


Now Open from 9 AM – 6 PM Daily



Roger’s Gardens

2301 San Joaquin Hills Rd., Corona del Mar, CA 92625



For updates and Information, please visit

Follow us on and @rogersgardens on Instagram.


Roger’s Gardens is a destination home and garden design center offering creative solutions and unique products for both outdoor and indoor living. Our outdoor environment inspires its visitors with beautiful foliage, flowering plants, creative plantings, seasonal herbs and vegetables, designer fountains, pottery, outdoor furniture, and accessories. Roger’s Gardens indoor spaces present fine home furnishings and décor, gifting, women’s accessories, holiday décor, gourmet foods, children’s gifting and décor, artisan collectibles, and Plein air art brought together in a world-class creative and inspirational presentation. Roger’s Gardens believes that beautiful living environments are about a celebration of nature, sustainability, and emotional and physical health. As a family-owned business, Roger’s Gardens has been a landmark destination in Orange County for more than 50 years. We bring beauty into your home and garden. Located directly across from Fashion Island in beautiful Corona del Mar, California.


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