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Start Your Day off with a Scream at Nightmare Cafe's Haunted Brunch in Las Vegas

Words and Photos by Jaimz Dillman

Since we had such a great visit to Nightmare Cafe and Toys during our Las Vegas weekend, CK returned Sunday morning for their Haunted Brunch.

Phillip Martin- one of 4 owners- said it was something new they were trying and in their 5th week.

We arrived just before 11 am. We hadn’t previously purchased tickets but they were available at the door. For $49.99 (which seems to be the rate for a lot of stuff in Vegas) our meal and show were included. There are choices to add drinks or unlimited mimosas but we skipped that option. The host said we could join others at long tables or our own high top. We opted to sit a little taller to grab pics during the show.

Pre-show start, we got to chat with Devon of Alarid Productions about the brunch just before show time. “We’re just here to have fun. We knew the owners wanted something a little sexy and a lot of horror. We put a lot of work into this with some of the best performers in town. I think we’ve done a good job of that.”

They’ve brought over dancers and emcee from shows on the strip to create vignettes from your favorite slashers. Expecting something a little more low-key and burlesque, things started off with a high energy, full-on, 4-person highly choreographed group number. Ok! By the time Ghostface had Sydney running for her life, the seats had filled up and everyone was into it.

The rotating cast goes from seductive to downright silly camp weaving through dancing, aerial work, and did someone ask for proton pack mimosa shots? Well, they have it! Pretty much the same show is presented weekly led by ghost hostess Katie Marie Jones, although cast members may change out.

Combined with some of the same devilish items as the cafe’s regular menus like the avo-topsy toast, fun projections, and mega-skilled intense dancing- the Haunted Brunch is a killer option in the arts district.

Tickets and more info can be found at HERE!

Produced by Alarid Productions- Devon & Ryan Alarid

Technical Director: Carl Koterwski

Choreography by Cassandra & Nikita Vasylenko, Stevie Heptig, and Devon Alarid.

Costuming: Elaine “Señora” Alarid, Cassandra Vasylenko & Devon Alarid.

Restaurant owners: Philip Martin, Patrick Martin, Estrella Martin, and Kristy Adams.


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