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Watch The Trailer For Into The Dark's Latest Installment, 'My Valentine'

By: Kayla Caldwell

February's episode of Blumhouse's Into the Dark is inspired by some of the biggest pop scandals of the decade. And we've got the latest trailer for you.

MY VALENTINE follows performer Valentine, whose entire musical catalogue and artistic identity have been stolen by her ex-boyfriend and former manager. But that's not all - like the thriller Cam on Netflix, in MY VALENTINE, the protagonist's ex has used all of that material to mold his new girlfriend, Trezzure, into an exact copy of Valentine.

Then, it looks like things might take a Green Room-esque turn, as the two become locked together in a small concert venue after hours. Watch the drama unfold in the new trailer from Hulu and Blumhouse.

MY VALENTINE is directed by Maggie Levin, and stars Britt Baron of GLOW, Anna Lore of Doom Patrol, Benedict Samuel of Gotham, and Anna Akana of Let It Snow.

MY VALENTINE debuts on Hulu Friday, February 7!


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