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Recap: Freeform’s MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM, EPISODE 5 – “Bellweather Season”

Image Courtesy of Freeform

By: Twisted Tori

Freeform’s MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM series is becoming one of my favorite shows. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It portrays witches in a unique and powerful light that I find sensational, and inspiring. Episode 5, “Bellweather,” dropped on Wednesday, and it’s my favorite episode thus far.

As always, if you’re new to the show, it was created by Eliot Laurence and stars Taylor Hickson as Raelle, Ashley Nicole Williams as Abigail, and Jessica Sutton as Tally. It centers around a group of witches who are trained to become powerful tools for the military.

In “Bellweather,” the unit travels off base for the high society wedding of Abigail’s cousin. What should be a beautiful wedding turns ugly for many reasons. Scylla shows up to the event uninvited, acting like she’s there to support Raelle, but as always – she has alternative motives. Abigail realizes just how much privilege comes with the name “Bellweather,” and that her strengths and accomplishments are being overlooked. Tally also discovers two terrible truths: the new love of her life is already spoken for, breaking her heart into a million pieces, and Scylla is trouble, and up to no good.

Image Courtesy of Freeform

And if that wasn’t enough drama, the wedding ends up being under attack, so we finally get to see the witches in action. It all happened so fast, but it was exciting to see them all take charge, work together, and protect one another. I especially loved the scene with Abigail and her mother. You get to see a different side of them: vulnerability. Usually the Bellweathers are too focused on status, but when in distress, they show their true colors and strengths. Unfortunately, they’re not able to protect everyone, and they lose a fellow witch and family member.

I think “Bellweather” is the episode that will change everything from here on out. The witches can no longer ignore the warnings, and will be forced to act against their enemies. They might have to demote some leaders and bring in new ones. I also wonder if Tally will tell her unit about Scylla, and what she saw. Hopefully we find out in next week’s episode, “Up is Down.” Until then, I hope you enjoyed my recap and let me know what your thoughts about this series thus far!

Image Courtesy of Freeform


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