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Little Monsters (2019) Review

By Nikki Jones

As an 80’s head who exists in a world of “remakes” of my beloved childhood movies, I had a preconceived notion that I was about to view just that…a REMAKE of Little Monsters (1989). Well…I was wrong…walking DEAD wrong. Little Monsters (2019) is a stand-alone comedic horror adventure with lots of gore and VERY adult language, but with children who have that “baby Fred Savage” cuteness going for them. 

The film directed by Abe Forsyth centers around a kindergarten field trip that has gone horrifically awry. Miss Caroline (played by the incomparable Lupita Nyong’o) is the teacher who is coupled with an obnoxious uncle named Dave (played hysterically by Alexander England) of one her students, AND kid show host Teddy McGiggle (played by THE Josh Gad…need I say more?) to keep the “kiddly winks” (thank you Teddy MsGiggle for making that my new fave thing to say!) safe from the hungry flesh eaters. I am not a big fan of the “zombie apocalypse” so once the movie took that turn I wasn’t real thrilled, BUT I was invested in the characters and found myself giggling at the shenanigans of Uncle Dave and Teddy McGiggle in the time of ZOMBIE crisis. The children added much to the comedy relief as well because you know…OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES! The true hero of the film is definitely Miss Caroline! She handled the situation like a Mama Bear and kept the children and the ADULTS safe with their flesh intact. 

So… thank you Abe Forsyth for directing a film that YES had zombies (not my fave) AND much needed comedic relief that allowed me to stomach said hungry flesh eaters…once I got past the gore, there was a sweet story and an abundance of laughs…and OH! and thanks for showing the power, love and compassion of a teacher…THE most important yet underpaid and under-appreciated profession in the history of EVER.

Little Monsters is available to watch on Hulu October 11, 2019!


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