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Killer Klowns and More Unveiled in Spirit Halloween's 40th Anniversary Season

Greetings mortals, the spirits have spoken! Halloween season has begun and Spirit Halloween, celebrating its 40th anniversary, is ready to unleash some bone-chilling surprises. Are you prepared for the terror that awaits?

Behold, Spirit Halloween has revealed three terrifying animatronic and décor items that will haunt your dreams this season. The first is the Gargoyle Animatronic, standing at a towering 3.5 feet tall, with glowing eyes and mouth that will strike fear into the bravest souls. Its built-in motion activation will leave you trembling with terror, and even the unwanted guests - both human and otherworldly - won't be able to escape its grasp.

Next, brace yourself for the return of Menacing Molly Animatronic, a fan-favorite sculpted by the award-winning makeup artist Tate Steinsiek. This sinister beauty switches from sweet to sinister in the blink of an eye and spews out an array of menacing sayings that will send shivers down your spine. You have been warned.

Last but not least, Spirit Halloween has brought to life the Killer Klowns from Outer Space Cotton Candy Cocoon Hanging Prop. This hauntingly realistic prop will have your guests checking their backs for the notorious Killer Klowns. With a red face consumed by bright pink cotton candy exterior, just like in the film, this prop is the perfect addition to any horror-filled home.

So, dear mortals, are you ready to face the terror that awaits? Prepare yourself for a Halloween season like no other, as Spirit Halloween celebrates 40 years of haunting and brings your worst nightmares to life.


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