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Ice Go Karting is Back in Los Angeles

Need for speed?! Go Karting On Ice Is Returning To LA Kings Valley Ice Centre

Drift and glide your way around the ice at the coolest event this winter. Nothing can beat the thrill and excitement of Go Karting On Ice! Slide around corners and drift along straightways, as you enjoy an adrenaline-filled session of ice karting. The popular Go Karting On Ice event is returning to LA Kings Valley Ice Centre in Los Angeles from May 26th - 28th.

Sessions are available on Friday from 5.00PM-11.00PM, Saturday from 10.00AM -10.00PM, and Sunday from 8.00AM - 10.00PM.

Feel the wind in your face as you drift through corners and around the track with ease. It's your chance to drive and slide like never before! Go Karting On Ice is an unbeatable activity for any race enthusiast wanting to have an exciting and unique experience!The rink will be lit up with some special effects lighting and the music is cranked up to get you in the mood for some winter-themed fun!

Sideline entertainment will include winter games and activities, as well as a bar, so you'll be entertained even when you're not in the kart.

Tickets are available now for just $55pp for a one hour session with 12 mins race time!

Riders must be 14 years and older and weigh less than 225 pounds.


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