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Terrifying Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2023 Maze Highlights

Shot and Edited by Josh Taylor

Get ready to be immersed in a world of terror at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2023! 😱 Here's a spine-tingling preview of the eight haunted houses and exclusive Terror Tram experiences waiting for you:

  1. "The Last of Us" - Survive against Clickers and Bloaters from the award-winning video game.

  2. "Stranger Things 4" - Face the evil Vecna in Hawkins, Indiana's fourth season.

  3. "The Exorcist: Believer" - Confront a sinister demonic force possessing young girls.

  4. "Universal Monsters: Unmasked" - Horror icons unite for a chilling new story.

  5. "Chucky: Ultimate Kill Count" - Witness Chucky's infamous kills from the series and films.

  6. "Evil Dead Rise" - Dive into a twisted tale from the iconic horror franchise.

  7. "Monstruos: The Monsters of Latin America" - Encounter terrifying Latin American folklore creatures.

  8. "Holidayz in Hell" - A petrifying journey through psychotic seasonal celebrations.

  9. "Terror Tram...The Exterminatorz" - Battle an insect uprising led by Larry Larva and encounter Tethered from "Us."

  10. And for the first time, "The Purge: Dangerous Waters" takes you to open waters where anarchy reigns! Join the race against time on an island overrun by Purgers - adrenaline, stunts, spectacular effects, and explosions await in this thrilling live show


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