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Roxy and Cupcake's Halloween Treats - Halloween at Home

Today our favorite ghouls Roxy Tart and Cupcake Terror take us into their kitchen and show us how to make a few super simple Halloween treats!


You will need:


Frosting (or white chocolate candy melts)


1. Melt frosting in a microwave-safe bowl for about 10 seconds

2. Drizzle frosting over cookies

3.Add eyeballs


You will need:

Chocolate Donuts

Chocolate cookies



1. Cut cookies in half

2. Poke cookie half into donuts

3. Make two small frosting dots (to anchor eyes)

4. Place eyes on dots

Blood Dipped

You will need:

Chocolate sandwich cookies


Red food coloring

1. Mix food coloring with frosting

2. Melt frosting in a microwave-safe bowl for about 10 seconds

3. Dip cookies in frosting

And don't worry, no Creepy Kingdom staff were harmed in the making of these treats.

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