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Join Animatronics Pro Garner Holt in Marceline

Join us for An Evening with Garner Holt. Listen to Garner tell his incredible story about how he began his animatronic career as a teenager then went on to create Garner Holt Productions, the largest creator of animatronics in world. Garner will relive his career, achievements, innovations and stories in what is sure to be a memorable evening.

Garner Holt Productions is the gateway to realms of incredible imagination, artistry, technical wizardry, experienced industry experts, and unmatched, proven quality. From creating the world’s finest and most lifelike animatronic figures, to design for themed attractions, museums, retail and restaurant locations and more, GHP is the most complete design and production workshop in the world. In nearly four decades of crafting the world's finest, best-looking, smoothest, and most durable animatronics, Garner has created a strong partnership with Walt Disney Imagineering. His work can be seen in every Disney Park worldwide (Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland).

Garner Holt Education Through Imagination is a team of Educators and Industry Professionals committed to supporting schools through innovative, hands-on STEAM Learning and Career Technical Education programs that use animatronics to inspire imagination, ignite creativity, and bring theme park magic and storytelling to life!


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