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Unearth the Chills: 80s Slasher FUNERAL HOME Debuts on Special Edition Blu-ray this February

Image courtesy of Scream Factory

This February 6, the 80s slasher film FUNERAL HOME will arrive in Blu-Ray™ for the first time from Scream Factory™. FUNERAL HOME (Special Edition) will treat fans to a new HD transfer of the film, with a bevy of extras including new interviews with actor Lesleh Donaldson as well as select filmmakers.

Fans ordering the Blu-Ray™ from will get an Exclusive 18” x 24” Rolled Poster featuring the original theatrical artwork while supplies last.

Young and easily frightened 16-year-old Heather (Lesleh Donaldson, Happy Birthday to Me) is called to stay with her grandmother in the hopes of helping her turn an old funeral home into a bed-and-breakfast. But strange happenings and unexplained murders around the home quickly makes this vacation spot a "dead-and-breakfast" - with no answers in sight as to who or what is causing all the death. It is up to Heather to investigate all the eerie and creepy corners of the former funeral home to unlock a decade old secret - but will she survive to sole the mysteries?


  • NEW Audio Commentary with Film Historians Jason Pichonsky and Paul Corupe

  • NEW Isolated Score Selections & Audio Interview with Music Historian Douglass Fake

  • NEW Audio Interviews with Actor Lesleh Donaldson, First Assistant Director Ray Sager, and Production Assistant Shelley Allen.

  • NEW "Secrets & Shadows" - Interview with Director of Photography Mark Irwin

  • NEW "Dead & Breakfast" - Interviews with Art Director Susan Longmire and Set Assistant Elinor Galbraith

  • NEW "Family Owned & Operated" - Interview with Brian Allen, President of Premier Drive-In Theatres

  • NEW Original Filming Location Footage

  • Theatrical Trailer

  • Video Trailer

  • TV Spots

  • Radio Spots

  • Still Gallery

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