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'Five Nights at Freddy's' is the Biggest Blumhouse Global Opening

Image courtesy of IMDb

The biggest Blumhouse global opening of all time ahead of Halloween ($91.8M)

  • Biggest opening for a horror film directed by a woman. [director Emma Tammi]. This is Blumhouse's third project with director Emma Tammi [Into the Dark: Delivered and Election Day: Lens Across America (doc film co-directed with Henry Jacobson)]

  • 19th Blumhouse film to open in first place at the domestic box office

  • The highest grossing opening weekend for a Blumhouse surpassing Halloween ($76.222M)

    • Five Nights At Freddy’s will mark the 19th time a film from Blumhouse Productions will open to the No. 1 spot at the domestic box office and will bring Blumhouse Productions total domestic box office to more than $3 Billion

  • The highest opening for any PG-13 horror film surpassing The Mummy Returns ($68.139M)

  • The biggest original Horror opening of 2023 and the second biggest Horror opening just behind The Nun II


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