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Explore the minds of these thrill Masters to get you in the mood for Halloween

Calling all witches, goblins, and ghouls! Halloween season has arrived and MasterClass, the renowned online education platform that provides access to the world’s most esteemed instructors, has a line up of authors and filmmakers that take you behind the scenes to how they’ve created their legendary spooky and suspense-filled stories and films.

· David Lynch Teaches Creativity and Film The suspense-thriller filmmaker, David Lynch outlines the process for “catching ideas,” the importance of daydreaming and setting “bait” for creative ideas to come to you.

· R.L. Stine Teaches Writing for Young Audiences – The legendary kids horror author shares his experience writing his popular series Goosebumps and Fear Street - how he came up with story ideas, creating scary characters and how to keep readers engaged through twists and surprises

· Dan Brown Teaches Writing Thrillers – Best known for his thriller novels, Dan reveals step-by-step how to put ideas to paper, pro tips on researching for storylines and characters and sustaining suspense all the way til the end.

· David Baldacci Teaches Mystery and Thriller Writing - Known for his page-turning plotlines, David Baldacci provides tips on creating complex characters based on intel and resources, ideating and pacing storylines, drafting an outline, selecting an editor and working with publishers.

While watching or reading your favorite psychological thriller, you can now understand the mindset of these geniuses and the process behind their masterpieces. With its All-Access Pass for $180, members receive access to an unprecedented collection of over 65 world-class instructors across several categories including film, music, cooking, music, sports, photography and more.

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