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Event Review: SpooksieBoo Events' 'Ghouls Day Out'

By: Kayla Caldwell

Major "Helena" vibes at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church for Ghouls' Day Out
Major "Helena" vibes at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church for Ghouls' Day Out

What more perfect way could there be to celebrate World Goth Day than surrounded by horror vendors and photo ops in the church from the My Chemical Romance “Helena” video? Thanks to SpooksieBoo Events, that’s exactly what we got to do yesterday.

First, we waited in line for the Sanctuary Experience, which included photos ops provided by the Mystic Museum, as well as access to the church itself, that was set up to mimic the “Helena” video. Throughout the event, goth influencers like Dre Ronayne and Mary Misery stopped by the Immanuel Presbyterian Church for a visit.

Next, was the first walk through “The Ghoul Market,” which featured so many of our favorite horror/Disney/fandom vendors, as well as a bunch of welcome, new faces! To make us really feel at home, there were also scare actors skating, skulking, and growling around the entire day. Two of them made for one interesting photo op for me, as they both popped up to try to cover my face when I attempted a picture by the Dragula vehicle. There was also a creepy character from the upcoming The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, handing out free tickets for when the film hits theaters on June 4.

There were over 60 vendors at Ghouls' Day Out, and they were all amazing. Everyone was so friendly, and happy to chat about shared interests, like the owners of art shop Dreary Monster Magic. Shannon, from Nightmarish Conjurings, bonded with the shop over an amazing, hand-painted Trick ‘r Treat birdhouse, and I couldn’t help but to buy her Coraline stickers. Shop owner Nikkie G even had a Winnie the Pooh x Midsommar crossover print that I deeply regret not buying.

Rad Coffee was there, of course, with a massive line to show for it. I must admit I hit that truck twice, starting off with a lovely salted caramel cold crew and ending my Ghouls' Day Out with their Cinnamon Toast Crunch-inspired blended drink. The event also had tacos, ramen, and lots of fruit.

Once again, it was incredibly fun to be able to dress up, leave home, and be surrounded by fellow goths, Disney lovers, and fans of all things horror. It was like a Los Angeles goth reunion. I can’t wait for more SpooksieBoo events in the future! Check them out on Instagram @spooksiebooevents and @spooksieboo.

Missed the event but still want to feel like a part of the fun? Check out the upcoming episode of our vlog series Creepy Quest and it'll be just like you were at Ghouls' Day Out with us!


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