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Celebrate National Doll Day with SYFY's All Day 'Chucky' Marathon

On Sunday, August 1st, in honor of National Doll Day, enjoy your favorite Chucky moments with a slate of 'Child's Play' & 'Chucky' films.

8AM - "Child's Play 2"

10AM - "Cult of Chucky"

12PM - "Curse of Chucky"

2PM - "Seed of Chucky"

4PM - "Bride of Chucky"

6PM - "Child's Play 3"

8PM - "Child's Play 2"

10PM - "Child's Play 3"

12AM - "Bride of Chucky"

2AM - "Seed of Chucky"

4AM - "Curse of Chucky"

You can check out the full marathon schedule on


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