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Diesel's Pumpkin Patch POV Walkthrough - Shaqtoberfest 2023

🎃 Get ready for a spine-tingling journey into the heart of darkness as we explore "Diesel's Pumpkin Patch" at Shaqtoberfest 2023! In this eerie small town, the locals eagerly await the arrival of autumn each year, and they come together to grow, sell, and celebrate all things pumpkin. While their welcome may seem warm, be wary, for behind their friendly smiles often lurk devilish grins as they proudly display their gory gourds.

🍂 Visitors travel from far and wide to join in this Halloween party, but the question remains: will you leave with a festive souvenir, or will you find yourself ensnared in the Cult of the Calabaza, a chilling secret society devoted to the twisted celebration of the pumpkin?

🌾 This one-of-a-kind walk-through experience combines the traditional charm of a hay bale maze with larger-than-life inflatables and animations that will leave you breathless. Prepare for sinister scares and an over-the-top light show that merges the spirit of Halloween with a special set by none other than DJ Diesel himself, setting the stage for a night of electrifying terror.

🎶 Will you survive the horrors of Diesel's Pumpkin Patch and escape the clutches of the Cult of the Calabaza, or will you become a part of their wicked harvest? Let's embark on this twisted Halloween journey together! 🕷️🎃


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