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Exclusive Clip: Dark Sky Film's 'Departing Seniors' – A Modern Twist on Teen Slasher

Dark Sky Film's latest release, "Departing Seniors," arrives in select theaters and on VOD/PVOD on February 2, 2024. Creepy Kingdom presents an exclusive clip, offering a glimpse into this unique teen slasher that redefines the genre. With a focus on a queer Mexican-American protagonist, Javier, and a promise of horror, comedy, and social commentary, the film is set to captivate audiences with its fresh perspective.

In this exclusive clip, Yani Gellman, known as Paolo in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie," plays Mr. Arda, a teacher caught in the midst of brewing tensions between bickering students Javier (Ignacio Diaz-Silverio) and Ginny (Maisie Merlock).

"Departing Seniors" follows Javier, a Mexican-American queer high school student who doesn't quite fit in with the popular crowd. A brutal act of bullying lands him in the hospital, triggering visions of impending school murders. Amidst navigating clique culture, Javier and his best friend Bianca (Ireon Roach) race against time to unmask a serial killer.

What sets "Departing Seniors" apart is its daring approach, putting a queer protagonist and characters of color at the forefront. Challenging stereotypes, the film offers a horror-comedy with a smart edge, addressing contemporary issues within the confines of social hierarchies.

Drawing inspiration from classics like "Scream" and "Freaky," "Departing Seniors" injects new life into the genre. The film updates familiar tropes by introducing diverse characters and addressing current social challenges, delivering a relevant and entertaining experience.

For those eager to dive into "Departing Seniors," catch it in Southern California at Glendale, CA - Laemmle Theatre and Santa Ana, CA - Frida Cinema. Additionally, for viewers outside Southern California, the film is available on VOD/PVOD platforms.


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