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GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win A Piece Of 'Crimes Of The Future'

Images c/o NEON
Images c/o NEON

It is time to listen.

To celebrate the release of David Cronenberg's CRIMES OF THE FUTURE, NEON is launching a special social media sweepstakes championing one of David Cronenberg's most instantly iconic creations.

In partnership with the CRIMES OF THE FUTURE FX team, BLACK SPOT FX, NEON has created a limited run of ears as seen on performance artist Klinek aka Ear Man. Hand-crafted from the original molds to exacting specifications, each replica ear comes packaged in a lucite case with a certificate of authenticity signed by David Cronenberg.

Contestants can enter to win via Twitter or Instagram.

Images c/o NEON

Twitter: Follow @neonrated, retweet this post and add the hashtag #Earman.

Instagram: Follow @neonrated, tag a friend in the comments of this post, and add the hashtag #Earman.

"It was exciting to get the call from NEON to recreate the ears, both because we had such a fun time with this makeup, and we got to revisit the experience of working on CRIMES OF THE FUTURE." - Alexandra Anger, Special Makeup Effects Designer, Black Spot FX


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