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Corsets and Cuties Holiday Kickoff show tonight in Central Florida

A message from the show's producer:

Hi friends!

This is a (very) informal press release for our Corsets and Cuties Holiday Kickoff show tonight at Theater West End in Sanford, FL. (With all COVID precautions in place.)

I know it’s usually of outside the main Orlando area of coverage for most of you, but was hoping to shine some attention on the charity aspect of the event. (And I’m a Sanford gal, after all- SHS c/o ‘94, Go ‘Noles!)

We use our last show of the year to focus on giving back- we’ve done toys for tots, cash donations, etc. This year is serving multiple purposes. Our stage will be decorated with various Christmas trees to make it festive. Each tree is sponsored by local businesses (highlighted on our social media pages) who either provide the trimmings or pay for us to purchase them. Our cast and crew will deck them out making them pretty and then after our bows on 2020, we’ll load em all up to be donated to local shelters and places helping those in need. We know this year has been hard on a lot more families than usual so our goal is to lighten that burden if we can.

Facebook event page:


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