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Tickets on Sale Now for COCAINE WEREWOLF Premiere in Wellsboro, PA

Cleopatra Entertainment Announces The U.S. Theatrical Premier of COCAINE WEREWOLF Comedy/Horror Film at Historic Arcadia Theatre in Wellsboro, PA on Friday, July 5th 2024

Cleopatra Entertainment has released their official Trailer for their latest horror/comedy venture COCAINE WEREWOLF that was filmed in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania - a small town with historic charm that’s nestled in the northern section of Pennsylvania’s mysterious Appalachian Mountains - and has announced its official U.S. Theatrical premier for Friday, July 5th, 2024 with a second engagement on Saturday, July 6th.

COCAINE WEREWOLF was written by Tyger Torrez and directed by cult film master Mark Polonia - who’s notorious for nearly 100 film credits on his resume and who teaches Film Production at nearby Mansfield University - and produced by Cleopatra’s Tim Yasui and David Sterling from Sterling Entertainment. The film stars Marie DeLorenzo (Amityville Island, Invasion Of The Empire Of The Apes), Jeff Kirkendall (Sharkula, Return To Splatter Farm), Titus Himmelberger (Cocaine Shark, Sharkenstein), Ken Van Sant (Bigfoot Vs Zombies, Jurassic Prey), Brice Kennedy (Splatter Beach, Razorteeth), Yolie Canales (Jurassic Shark 3, Amityville In Space) and Noyes Lawton (Jurassic Exorcist, Bride of the Werewolf).

In COCAINE WEREWOLF, cocaine, cash and a crew filming a low-budget horror movie in the eerie woods of northern Pennsylvania clash when an unexpected visit from a blood-thirsty werewolf literally enters the picture – with deadly results! A Gothic Industrial Rock soundtrack especially created for the film (courtesy of Cleopatra Records) perfectly sets the mood for one wild and crazy howling at the moon affair that DEADLINE called “a thrilling yet humorous ride”!

The original motion picture soundtrack includes music from The 69 Cats, Front Line Assembly, Pink Fairies, Switchblade Symphony,  Hawkestrel, Synaesthesia, The Brains, Mike Pinera, Hollywood After Dark & more! 

The U.S. theatrical premiere is set for Friday, July 5th at the historic Arcadia Theater in downtown Wellsboro, Pennsylvania with a second screening planned for Saturday, July 6th. Built in 1921, the theater is located just steps from the mountains where COCAINE WEREWOLF was filmed. A live, in-person Q&A session with Director Mark Polonia and Cast members will take place immediately following the screening. The official release date for the Home Entertainment Blu Ray and DVD versions will be August 13th, 2024, followed by a VOD and Cable TV release this coming November 2024.

Image courtesy of Cleopatra Entertaiment

To purchase tickets to attend the Theatrical Premier at the Arcadia Theater on Friday July 5th and/or Saturday July 6th, please visit:

Image courtesy of Cleopatra Entertainment

To pre-order your copy of COCAINE WEREWOLF, please find the link here:


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