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Join The Coven At The Central Florida Witches Ball, An Immersive Outdoor Celebration

By: Jaimz Dillman

Mix a brew of fantasy, costumes, performances, tricks, and treats - all benefiting the Transfiguring Adoption organization - and you've got the CENTRAL FLORIDA WITCHES BALL.

All taking place this Saturday, October 16th (outside at the Isle of Valhalla in association with Tea and Tarot Emporium and Events), producer and co-creator CJ Jackson has promised an evening full of fantastical fun. "We're excited to have this inaugural event, featuring some of the best performers of Central Florida. It's not really scary, just more spooky and dark," Jackson said.

Guests are welcomed as initiates, among the main representatives of the event - Laird Timbre, an Earth Witch (co-creator and choreographer, Joannie Diprizio), Madame Mente, the Heart of the Furies (Caula Carter), Baroness Alto, The Burning Witch (Meka Kyoto), MX Bromios, the Supreme of Ceremonies (Jackson), and Mr. Saturday, the villainous Shadow Man (Jonathan McFadden) .

Amid the trees and cleared land, the stage is set for performances and a DJ to get the night rocking, along with fortune tellers, henna artists, burlesque performances, and food and drinks - guaranteed to lift your spirits. Beware of the dark spirits though, as there are challenges to face while trying to join the coven.

The evening is presented in three acts of immersive theater, with not only stage entertainment, but also inhabitants of the area. You'll explore a Dark Fae Forest, a Fortune Teller's Trail, and more. Proceeds benefit Transfiguring Adoption, which provides resources to adoptive and foster families transitioning new family members into a loving environment through the use of books, movies, songs, and other media. More information can be found here.

Tiered tickets (along with discount codes) can be found at, and you are given a choice between Muggle tickets, which include admission and a door prize ticket, Initiate tickets, which include everything from the Muggle level, plus drink tickets (from beer sponsor Orlando Brewing) and appetizers (provided by The Bruja's Table), and VIP tickets, which include all previous goodies, plus two more drink tickets, another door prize ticket, and a WITCHES BALL swag bag. Food trucks and other options from supernatural vendors are available for purchase on site to lighten your purse and tempt you with unique trinkets.

The WITCHES BALL had been in planning for over two years, but COVID definitely put a wrench in the works for any hope of launching last year. "We have so much planned, we're really excited to finally get to make this happen," Jackson said.


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