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Blood On Her Name Review

By Michelle Halloween

It seems like a simple case of self-defense. BLOOD ON HER NAME begins with a dead man in a mechanic shop. We find Leigh (Bethany Anne Lind) clearly shaken, and beaten badly. But instead of simply pleading her case to law enforcement, she decides to attempt to dispose of the body herself. This action leads to everything going wrong for Leigh… but not all is what it seems.

BLOOD ON HER NAME takes you on a ride that begins with more questions until each secret is uncovered, one by one. The more you learn about each character, the more you’ll be tempted to side with them. Does everyone have blood on their hands?

One after another, each of Leigh’s trepidations push her further into a corner. The murdered man’s family is looking for him. Leigh's estranged father Richard (Will Patton), who also happens to be the sheriff, is becoming more suspicious due to her exponentially aggravated behavior. All eyes seem to be on Leigh, making it harder for her to decide how to cover up the murder. Every step Leigh thinks she is making in the right direction only ends up exposing more hidden truths. Ultimately, all of them begin to bleed out.

The film takes you thrill ride that launches from 60 to 120 mph in no time. There’s a cost to every crime, as Lee finds out. With some incredible twists and turns, BLOOD ON HER NAME will have you “white knuckling” the entire film.

BLOOD ON HER NAME will open in select US theaters and on VOD in the US, Canada, UK, and AUS & NZ from Vertical Entertainment on February 28th.


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