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A Look at BeSpook Subscription Boxes

By Jaimz Dillman

What’s in the box? What’s in the BOX?? Any horror fan knows the utterance of these lines evokes images of grief and gore. One company in Orlando Florida is cashing in on the subscription box fad along with treating fans with some tricks up their sleeves.

Addie and James Morrone creating Be Spook box for those who like things a little on the outside of the norm. Self-described misfits themselves they know a thing or two about appealing to the outcasts and freaks. They also happen to be the owners of Cocktails and Screams, a popular downtown horror-themed bar now heading into its second year of custom-crafted cocktails and special events.

The boxes are 66.60 a month if you choose monthly (you can cancel any time) and there’s also savings for 6 month and yearly subscriptions. And the annual subscription gets a bonus item every month. You also can save the 5$ shipping by picking it up at Cocktails and Screams!

Every month has a theme like August was Jaws,

September was Pumpkin spice and Everything Halloween, October was This Box is Witchin, and November was Howl you Doin.

They source cool stuff that matches each theme and try to get as much as possible from small businesses. Then they add a cool T-shirt, a cocktail kit, and a custom made prop.

For a little more fun they also try to tailor your box a little more by finding your interests and getting you into a type of box that you would enjoy the most.

There’s Glitter Goth: more cutesy spooky items, self-care, makeup, purses, etc.

Werewolf: more rugged items, weapons, cigars pipes, masculine scents.

Classic monster: a little bit of everything!

You only have until Dec 15th to sign up for this month which is Nightmare Before Christmas themed so check out the website ASAP-

But January it's bloody 2021: Vampire themed!

Boxes ship out between the 20th and 24th depending on when they get their items in. When dealing with multiple small businesses and handmade items sometimes there are delays but for something so unique to the dark side of things we love so much, I think we’re all ready and waiting!


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