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Aiden Sinclair’s Exclusive Paranormal Investigation in Historic Rope Room Review

By Roxy Tart

It’s no secret that the Queen Mary is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s beautiful, it’s spooky, and it’s the closest I’m gonna get to being on the Titanic. I’ve been to the Queen Mary for many reasons, many times. Car shows, holidays, brunch, my birthday, tours…but out of everything I’ve done, there’s one thing that I keep returning for over and over, Aiden Sinclair. Illusions of the Passed, Ghost of Christmas Passed, Voyages to the Other Side, A Night to Remember, it doesn’t matter what show it is, it’s always a good time. And now, he has a haunting new show and paranormal VIP investigation!

Ever since Aiden arrived on the Queen Mary, and started his theatrical séance, Illusions of the Passed, reports of paranormal activity have increased dramatically and now it’s time to go a step further and investigate. I was able to attend the show and get a sneak peek into what the investigation would be like, and although I can’t say for a fact we were visited by spirits, there’s no doubt in my mind that they are there, and ready to talk.

We were first treated to a cocktail hour in the Revenant Room lounge, which is honestly one of my favorite spaces to hang out. It’s decorated with Aiden’s art and artifacts that he’s collected in his travels, and each one has a plaque that tells you it’s story. You can also see and purchase stuff that Aiden has made himself, like jewelry and spirit boards, which I personally think are awesome (and I can happily say that I’m now the proud owner of one of those spirit boards). 

After hanging out for a bit and having a couple of drinks, we’re led into the Revenant Room Theater, and the show starts. Each night is a little different, and each new show is different, but Aiden’s classics, like the key test, are always included. What makes the show really stand out though is Aiden’s storytelling. That, combined with the setting and ambiance is sure to put anyone in the mood for some paranormal fun. 

After the show, we took a small break (where I had to convince a girl in the bathroom that none of the people who took part in the show were plants), and then it was time to begin. Aiden and Becca (his girl Friday and an accomplished paranormal investigator herself) start off by explaining what tools we’ll be using, how they all work, and what we can expect. 

They also make it very clear that the show portion is over, and whatever happens from here on out, if anything, is not “magic” or a “set up” of any kind. That means anything…or nothing could happen, it all depends on the night, the people, and of course, the spirits. I’m not gonna go into what happened the night I was there, because I don’t want to set any kind of expectation for what you might experience, but I will say that if you like ghosts, haunted places, and all things paranormal the Queen Mary is one of the best places on earth you can go. And getting to spend that kind of time in the Revenant Room and the Rope Locker is an adventure you’ll never forget.

Show tickets and packages are available Thursday through Sunday evenings including General Admission and VIP Admission for Illusions of the Passed. General Admission starts at $45 and VIP Admission is $60 per person. Dinner and Show packages are available starting at $175 per person and includes a pre-fixe dinner at Chelsea Chowder House & Bar, admission to the Queen Mary starting at 4 p.m., VIP seating for Aiden Sinclair’s Illusions of the Passed Theatrical Seance. All tickets include complimentary parking.

Dinner packages include a three-course pre-fixe meal at Chelsea Chowder House & Bar. Pre-fixe menu includes the choice of Farro & Arugula Salad or Sherry Lobster Bisque for the starter, entree options include Pan Roasted Australian Barramundi, Louisiana’s barbecue Shrimp & Fettuccini Pasta, Grilled Filet Mignon or Chicken Milanese. All Entrees will be served with chef’s choice of seasonal vegetables. Dessert includes a Creme Brulee Cheesecake with Chantilly Cream.

For more information and to reserve tickets to Aiden Sinclair’s Illusions of the Passed visit


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