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American Horror Story 1984 - "Final Girl" Recap

By Twisted Tori

AHS 1984 has truly lived up to its name and has slashed its way into my heart. I honestly didn’t know that so much bloodshed could air on basic television but turns out it can. FINAL GIRL proved that.

First, can we talk about how great of a title FINAL GIRL is. Like seriously. It’s perfect on so many levels. In episode 8, one of my favorite lines of the season was delivered. Donna (Angelica Ross) says to Brooke (Emma Roberts) - "Every horror movie has a final girl the one who survives it all and lives to tell the tale. As I see it, that's either you or Margaret.”

So, who was the FINAL GIRL… I guess you’ll find out.

This episode takes plus in present time, yes that’s right… 2019, baby. So much has changed and the folks over at Camp Redwood haven’t seen anyone in almost 30 years. That is until Finn Wittrock’s character shows up looking for his father… can you guess who that is? The residents of Camp Redwood give him a low down of everything that’s happened, how they can’t leave, and how they’ve dedicated their life to protecting him from one evil man. Meanwhile, Montana (Billie Lourd) also inquires what 2019 is like and her reaction is priceless. “Did Judd Nelson ever get his Oscar?”

We also find out who the FINAL GIRL is and how everything played out after the failed concert. And let me tell you… it’s an epic blood bath.

Holy shit guys, I was freaking ecstatic to discover Finn Wittrock was in this episode. Good old Dandy boy. This was the perfect role for him, and it just meshed so well. Actually. Everything was perfect about FINAL GIRL. Such an epic ending.

Although AHS 1984 doesn’t quite make my number one season, it’s definitely up there as one of my favorites. It by far had the best music, of course. I’m assuming they will come out with an AHS 1984 soundtrack and you bet your sweet as I will be owning it. Along with that, this season had fantastic character development, an endless supply of bloodshed, multiple killers, and so much more. Not to mention, one of the best endings ever. Maybe the best one so far… I’ll have to think on that first.

I hope you enjoyed AHS 1984 as much as I did. It’ll be hard to top this one! Thanks for tuning into my recaps. Until next time… stay creepy!


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