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A24's HERETIC: Hugh Grant Embraces Sinister Role in New Trailer

Part of teaser poster of HERETIC

From A24 arrives the religious horror film HERETIC, and Hugh Grant showing an all-new side to his acting range. Gone is the romantic heartthrob of yesteryear. In its place is someone truly sinister and terrifying.

Two young missionaries are forced to prove their faith when they knock on the wrong door and are greeted by a diabolical Mr. Reed (Hugh Grant), becoming ensnared in his deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

HERETIC stars Hugh Grant (Notting Hill, Wonka), Sophie Thatcher (The Boogeyman, MaXXXine), and Chloe East (The Wolf of Snow Hollow).

The latest A24 religious horror film is written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods (A Quiet Place, Haunt).

HERETIC arrives in theaters on November 15, 2024.


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