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Event Review: 'The World Of Mythic Creatures' Exhibit At The Orlando History Center

The World of Mythic Creatures images c/o Jaimz Dillman
The World of Mythic Creatures images c/o Jaimz Dillman

By: Jaimz Dillman

During a month of chills and thrills usually for the older kids, The Orlando History Center has created a fun, interactive exhibit, full of mysterious monsters good for the whole family. Highlighting giants, dragons, and unicorns, THE WORLD OF MYTHIC CREATURES runs through January 23, and is organized by the American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Giving visitors a chance to learn the history behind the beasts that have captivated the imagination of cultures worldwide, an assortment of international artifacts, art, and sculptures are beautifully displayed with descriptions and often accompanying video of the pieces in action or their history. You can definitely take your time to roam the space and enjoy the AC for the afternoon.

Interactive elements are a highlight, starting with a program to create your own dragon to set free on a screen for all to see. Several photo opportunities are included as well - want to see dad as a mermaid and mom as a manatee? Yep, you can do that! There's an octopus to pose with, and a really silly magnet wall to mix and match pieces to create new unique monsters. This was probably our favorite part, making us giggle at all the possible combinations.

Another family-friendly offering is the Trick or Treat Safe Zone from 10am-3pm Saturday, October 30, giving costumed littles a place to dress up and get their fill of goodies. Later in the year, Mythical Mornings at the Museum happen for the adults. Through January, several dates feature different elements of Florida mythology. Brunch refreshments are served, and each date includes a guided tour and presentation. Dragons and Drafts is Sunday, December 12, Mermaids and Mimosas is Sunday, January 9, and Skunk Apes and Sangria rounds out the series on Sunday, January 23.

Presentations are also available online to dive further into Florida folklore, Weeki Wachee and its Mermaids, and Fearsome Creatures of Florida, with author John Henry Fleming. All tickets include access to two other floors of exhibits, chronicling the beginnings of Florida, and where we are today.

More information about the History Center and all event offerings can be found at

The World of Mythic Creatures images c/o Jaimz Dillman
The World of Mythic Creatures images c/o Jaimz Dillman


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