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The Wizard's Cauldron Cocktail Experience is coming to Los Angeles

Were you devastated when age 11 came and went, with no letter from Hogwarts? Do you wish you could brew your own potions and cast spells (Accio, remote!)? Well, we don’t have any pull with Hogwarts admissions, BUT we have gotten word of a magical potions class that will make you feel like you’re a wizard (or witch), too! *

Coming all the way from Australia, The Wizard’s Cauldron Cocktail Experience is every aspiring witch and wizard’s dream. Well - if they like booze, that is. Your $45 ticket gets you 90 minutes of pure magic. Don a robe, and grab your wand, as you learn from the prestigious potion master. Yes, this is not just about some cool decor (though that will be present, too). This is actually an immersive experience, where you get to make two alcoholic potions. Those concoctions, mixed with the whimsical attire, are sure to have you feeling the magic.

We know sometimes these fun, immersive events charge more for the ambiance and skimp on the alcohol. But don’t worry, my spooky friends. In addition to your two potions, you get mead or a nice goblet of mulled wine to sip on while you test your magical know-how. You even get to complete challenges to unlock the ingredients you need for your mystical potions. To all the Hermione’s out there, this is your time to shine.

Though you won’t actually get that coveted letter to summon you to join the magic - This event isn’t sanctioned by Warner Bros. - it still feels a bit like you’re the chosen one. See, the limited-time pop-up event is held at a secret location in Hollywood. The destination will only be revealed once you have attained your tickets!

This magical event runs from April 21st - August 31st. 2021 so gather your coven and grab tickets before they’re gone from this world, like the great Sirius Black. (Too soon?)


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