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Episode 1 of The Horror Podcast 'The Timekeeper' Out Now

THE TIMEKEEPER is a 4 episode horror/thriller podcast that

follows 17-year-old Charlie and his friends Gama and Zoe as

they're pulled into a life-or-death version of the video game,

13 KEYS.

Premiere EPISODE 1 - It's Just A Game

Listen Now:

EPISODE 2 - He's Always Watching Premiering Thursday, April 13 EPISODE 3 - Shady Pines Thursday, April 20

EPISODE 4 - Win Or Die Thursday, April 27 When Charlie’s FunLand co-worker dies under mysterious circumstances after losing the game, Charlie discovers it was part of a tech company’s research program led by a man named Jacob Fairchild. The program ended years ago when Fairchild burned the facility down with himself and all the participants inside, but the game has resurfaced, and it seems like no one who plays it survives. To win, Charlie will have to uncover the truth of what happened at the facility and beat the game and its omnipresent force, The Timekeeper.


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