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Film Review: 'THE PREY: Legend Of Karnoctus'

Images c/o Lennexe Films
Images c/o Lennexe Films

By: Pam Zamora

I recently went to see the movie THE PREY: LEGEND OF KARNOCTUS, from directors Cire and Matthew Hensman. The film had an Eighties horror vibe that I loved. The Karnoctus had Critters look to him, if Critters were tall and buff. The action scenes in the movie were great - they use practical effects, so you can really see the carnage and rage in the creature. The chemistry between the actors is endearing, and you can tell there were plenty of laughs in the filming.

Danny Trejo brought the action as Vega, with guns blazing and plenty of explosions as soon as the movie began. My favorite part about THE PREY is getting to man vs monster, and let me tell you, the dynamic Nick Chinlund had with the Karnoctus was worth watching. I felt like I was watching Schwarzenegger and the predator, fighting one another yet again for the future of mankind.

The movie, written by Matthew Hensman and Gustavo Sainz, starts with a platoon of U.S soldiers in Afghanistan who become trapped in a cave, hunted by a monster called the Karnoctus. The monster starts trailing them, and picking off the soldiers one by one, until they have no choice but to fight back. They run into a group of mercenaries led by Tagger ( Chinlund) and Reid (Kevin Grevioux), who, along with Vega (Trejo) come to find their mission is not what it seems.

As soon as the movie starts guns start blazing, there is so much gun fire, hell even a tank makes appearance. The action is comparable to films like Rambo and Predator which are some of my favorite movies.

Images c/o Lennexe Films

I got to attend the premier of the THE PREY at the Regal Theater in Van Nuys, Danny Trejo attended the premier along with the directors, and the rest of the cast. The cast was excited to talk to the audience, and tell us their experience, and it was interesting knowing that the creature “The Karnoctus” was an original creation, which is rare these days. These days, monsters are often created with CGI affects, but this monster suit required an actor to physically wear the suit.

The practical effects were very professional, and the kill scenes were very realistic and gory. THE PREY dealt with themes like facing your fears and the importance of teamwork. The movie is inspiring, because it shows what you can accomplish when you come together and put your differences aside. I really hope they make a part two for the film, since they leave you with a cliffhanger, and I need to know what happens next.

If you like action, monsters, and 80s-inspired films, I highly recommend THE PREY: LEGEND OF KARNOCTUS, which is available via VOD and streaming now!


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