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Check Out The Trailer For Epic Pictures' Upcoming Action Thriller, 'The Last Mark'

After a young woman witnesses a mob hit, a seasoned assassin and his psychotic partner must track her down before she turns them in, but she proves to be the hardest mark to kill. THE LAST MARK is directed by Reem Morsi and stars Alexia Fast (Jack Reacher), Shawn Doyle (The Eleventh Hour), and Bryce Hodgson (iZombie).

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Release Date: In Select Theaters February 25 and On Demand March 1

Synopsis: A self-loathing and aging hitman, Keele is tasked to kill a witness who can link him and his psychotic partner, Palmer, to a recent murder. This routine execution falls apart as Keele struggles with pulling off his task due to a crisis of conscience. He quickly discovers that his new mark, Peyton,

is the most difficult target of his career.

Director: Reem Morsi

Writer: Cheryl Meyer

Cast: Alexia Fast, Shawn Doyle, Bryce Hodgson

Producers: Jordan Barker, Borga Dorter, Maddy Falle, Bruno Marino

Genre: Action, Thriller

Run Time: 85 minutes

Rating: Not rated

Distributor: Epic Pictures


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