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SoCal's Slashers Review: Horror Axe-Throwing, Ales, and Unleashing Your Inner Slayer

Written By Danielle Portney

Photos by James H. Carter II & Pam Zamora

Welcome campers to the most immersive horror axe-throwing experience in Southern California. From the creators of Cross Roads Escape Games comes a new immersive project, Slashers Axe Throwing and Ales. It brings together the perfect pairing of horror and axes in an interactive-themed setting. Straight out of a slasher movie, you are immediately immersed in a dimly lit forest setting with well-curated horror movie artifacts. Employees dressed like camp counselors and acting in character help set the tone for an elevated axe-throwing experience you won't want to miss.

There are several things that Slashers does that help set it above other axe-throwing experiences. As mentioned, it really sets a tone. Everything in the space is exceptionally well-curated. There are many references to horror films that fans at all levels will recognize and even some easter eggs for horror enthusiasts. Every lane is represented by a familiar film slasher and includes a projection of their image. In addition, every half hour there is a small performance of sorts that adds to the immersion of the experience. In an effort not to give too much away, I'll just say that it is in a similar vein to a type of full-room disruption you may experience at the Rainforest Cafe.

You really get the sense that everything in the space was well thought out, including the snacks and ale selection. There are camp related snacks like smore-flavored poptarts and quality beef jerky. Patrons are also able to bring in outside food for a more hearty meal. All the beers and ciders offered are hand selected by the creators and are personal favorites from breweries they've visited. We were informed that two of the beers we ordered were from discontinued kegs and were extremely rare. Specialty craft beers that frequently rotate are one of the small touches that set Slashers apart to give you a truly unique and one of a kind experience. (And a safe one too because there is a 3 beer maximum limit per person.)

Then there is the actual axe throwing: One thing I haven't seen before is a projected axe board. This allows for the traditional ringed dart board style playing in addition to many other competitive and co-op games. Tic-Tac-Toe, space invaders, battle stations, and throwing at an image of a slasher are just some of the games they offer and they plan to add even more. Each lane has a three player maximum. Perfect for couples and even large groups. Since the lanes are relatively close to one another, you can easily accommodate larger groups with multiple lanes without a sense of separation. In terms of the axe throwing, I really liked that you could choose from three different axes: small, medium, and large. This added another level of difficulty but also it was fun to experiment with technical aspects of throwing.

On the whole, if you are interested in throwing axes, Slashers Axe Throwing and Ales will offer you a choice experience. And if you have never tried it before, Slashers will likely provide you with an extremely positive first experience given their well trained camp counselors who are standing nearby to give you pointers. These camp counselors are very knowledgeable and always ask for consent before giving you suggestions regarding how to improve your form. Whether you are a novice or an experienced axe thrower, Slashers offers a fun, interactive, and memorable setting to let off some steam, socialize, and ultimately safely throw some sharp objects.

Tickets are available for $40 per person ages 13 Wednesday-Friday 5pm-11pm and Saturday-Sunday 12pm-11pm. Tickets can be purchased


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