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Slashers: Horror-Themed Axe Throwing in Orange County | Creepy Tour Business Spotlight

 Welcome to Costa Mesa, where horror meets adrenaline at Slashers Throwing Axes and Ales! In this Creepy Tour Business Spotlight, our host, Danielle Portney dives deep into the twisted world of axe throwing with Slashers CEO and Creative Director Madison Rhoades.

 From the moment you step in, Slashers immerses you in a spine-chilling experience. Each axe-throwing lane is named after iconic horror movie characters, from Chucky to Freddy, creating an atmosphere that's both thrilling and eerie. But that's not all – there are hidden Easter eggs, surprises, and a special show moment every hour to keep the mystery alive.

Madison reveals the Camp's unsettling backstory: Camp counselors stumbled upon a mysterious book in the woods, unleashing monsters and villains. Now, campers must master axe-throwing as their self-defense against the horrors that lurk within.

 Slashers goes beyond the traditional Bullseye with immersive games like Tic-tac-toe and battleships, adding a unique twist to your axe-throwing experience.

The fear-inducing fun doesn't stop there! Slashers boasts a beer-only bar with a carefully curated selection of craft beers, ciders, and hard seltzers. Madison and her husband personally handpicked beers from local breweries, ensuring a diverse range from blondes to stouts. Non-beer lovers, fear not – there's a delightful pineapple apple cider and tempting hard seltzers.

As you sip on your chilling brew, indulge in camp-themed snacks like s'mores flavored Pop-Tarts, pretzels, and even bacon that's better than jerky. Feeling brave? Take on the "Slasher Scorpion Challenge" and munch on real scorpions that allegedly taste like shrimp. Are you daring enough to face the challenge?

 Special thanks to our sponsors and Patreon producers for making this eerie adventure possible. Hit that Subscribe button, so the creepy fun never has to end.  

🎥 Video Shot and Edited by Josh Taylor

🎬 Produced by James H. Carter II

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