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Sid Stratton - "Beyond The Pale" Music Video Premiere

By Jaimz Dillman

Combine a solo rock musician with a sexy spooky burlesque group and you've got the makings for one bad-ass Halloween premiere.

Not one to do things in the traditional way Stratton was done with going to high school after a year. Going straight to Valencia he got his high school and college degree in business from UCF at the same time.

Now Stratton is venturing out for a solo music career after years of being with his band Martyrs Asylum. "Music had always been my dream", says Stratton "I've been doing it since middle school." With influences from Rob Zombie, Marilyn Masnon, and Lana Del Ray he set his sights to continue on when band members wanted to leave and start families. 

Moving forward with his first solo album he's teamed up with some mighty forces for the January 2021 release of All My Sins. Working with John Douglas recording in Atlanta he gets the experience of Douglas having produced names such as Megadeath and Anthrax and tv shows like The Walking Dead and Rick and Morty. Not a bad start to get the ball rolling.

And partnering with girlfriend Lashes Lane's burlesque troupe- Bad Witch Burlesque- to film the first singles' video- Beyond the Pale, was a natural match for both aesthetics. All following releases will feature the Witches in those videos as well, ultimately culminating in a tour with both performing- Stratton's music and dancing Witches. Sounds perfectly sinful, doesn't it?

"The video is a combination of a story my grandfather told me that scared him growing up, when wakes were held in houses" Stratton says, "mixed with the Witches taking communion and then finally me possessing them. It's a rebirth of my music, a transition."

Before COVID there was a multi-venue tour planned but the pandemic forced everything to go digital which wasn't a bad thing. Stratton says, "the response has been incredible. The impact digital can have let's us make more now than we did live." There are still plans for touring places like the Sound Bar and Haven in Orlando once it's safe to do so.

You can find out about Sid Stratton and All My Sins at


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