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Santa Baby LA Christmas Popup Bar

By: Kayla Caldwell

It’s December in Los Angeles - temperatures are moderately high to what can barely be described as “chilly.” You want to get into the Christmas spirit, but it all just feels so strange. Enter the Santa Baby popup bar.

Picture blazing fireplaces, cozy throw blankets, and wreaths bigger than you are. That’s what you can expect at this popup, which runs through December 31.

And no holiday popup bar would be complete without festive drinks. I tried the “I touch my elf,” because it was a champagne cocktail, and I just can’t say no to those. Prosecco, cherry, rosemary leaves, and cranberries came together to give my favorite cocktail a festive twist.

There’s more where that came from though. Other whimsical drink specials include the Pole Dancer, Gangsta Wrapper, and Son of a Nutcracker. They also have a selection of “reinbeer” and a Shotski in case you are really down to party.

No popup in Los Angeles would be complete without at least a few adorable photo ops, and Santa Baby LA is no different. The statement piece of this bar has to be it’s grassy wall, with a light-up neon sign that reads, “He sees you when you’re drinking.”

There’s also a Santa throne equipped with fluffy pillows, a plush of St. Nick himself, and, of course, a mailbox so you can send your letter to the big guy while sipping on some holiday spirits.

Bring your friends and you can gather on one of the leather couches while a holiday movie plays. You can even pull out one of the bar’s board game offerings, if you feel the competitive spirit calling.

The space is a lot bigger than you would imagine for a popup, so no worries about getting stepped on, or having to scream at your friends - although the holiday music is blaring on the sound system. Don’t worry about that.

However, if this festive fare feels like your vibe, you should grab your tickets ASAP. The merry popup ends with a New Year’s Eve party on - you guessed it - December 31. Then, like the big man himself, it will disappear into the ether, making way for all things new in 2020.

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