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"Rise of the Resistance" Exceeds Expectations

Written and Photos by Gretchen Von Cloedt

If you want to be completely immersed in the “Star Wars” world, then look no further than the Rise of the Resistance (ROTR) ride at Walt Disney World. Walking into the rebel base, which looked to be carved into a cave, you could see the care and attention to detail. Disney really set the bar with rock facades when they created Galaxy's Edge, and ROTR, with its laser-cut walkways and ancient pottery embedded into the walls, is no exception. We passed through makeshift armories, med bays, and communication rooms, each with their own exquisite details.

After a chat with BB-8, we were briefed on our mission by Rey herself. Then, we were whisked away to a Corellian Cruiser, and escorted by none other than Poe Dameron. We stepped inside the transport ship, and settled in before it took off.

The flight turned sour when a dog fight broke out between Poe and the First Order. They captured us, and we were even forced to board the Star Destroyer. There, we came face to face with an army of stormtroopers, and First Order officers. After a quick attempted interrogation, an epic chase ensued between us and some of the scariest forces the First Order had to offer. We even had a monumental encounter with a full size AT-AT! But, thankfully, then the cavalry arrived, and we were able to flee to safety.

I cannot stress enough how much I loved the virtual line queue. It was so much more convenient to be able to use our wait time to experience other attractions. I expect there to be long wait times for ROTR for the foreseeable future, but I will gladly wait as long as it takes. This was more than just a ride. This was an experience. ROTR is a dream come true for “Star Wars” fans, but it is also a thrilling experience that will be fun for the whole family.

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